Monday, January 28, 2008

Recipe Info

When it comes to sharing recipes - I'm more lazy than I am actively avoiding sharing. If you look closely, I often link to a recipe since I just don't have the patience for typing them out. Or I'll incorporate instructions into my blog post without actually typing it all out in "recipe" format. If you ever have a request for a specific recipe and it's unclear in my entry - please feel free to email me at lisaisbossy {at} yahoo {dot} com

Also worth mentioning; there are some recipes my family holds quite near and dear to their recipe boxes. Some of these are recipes we've created. Others are recipes we've altered from an original in a way to really make it our own. And by "we" I mostly mean my mother and her sisters. None of them worked in food for a living, but sometimes I wonder how that could be possible. I often won't share a recipe that falls into this category. For reasons we might not yet even know (future bakeries? cookbooks? restaurants?) my family would like to keep those to our family.

Case in point - I gave one of my closest friends the chocolate chip cookie recipe my mom and I have changed and perfected over the years (which folks have called "crack cookies") and when she misplaced the recipe after a couple years, Mom wouldn't give it to her again! Ha!

Most of my posts do link to recipes, so it's not entirely often you'll read about one of those "restricted" ones. I hope you understand though, and can still enjoy the blog!

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