Monday, February 16, 2009

Keeping up with the bloggerses

Some of you, my blogger friends, may have noticed that I've recently been commenting on your blogs mere moments after you've posted! It's not because I have no life and I spend my days clicking on your blogs and hoping for posts (that's what I used to do) - but because I recently started using Google Reader! I totally love it! And I have absolutely nothing to do with Google - I don't work for them, I don't use gmail, I don't necessarily care to work there (tho bringing doggie to work would be nice!) So I'm seriously not sharing this as "advertising" but because I really love it and it's changed the way I keep up with blogs I follow. I just wanted to share in case you all like to read a lot of different blogs as well!

This post is for people who want things faster!
*pictures taken by my friend, Ellis back in November

Basically Google Reader allows you to keep lists of your favorite blogs - you just have to enter in the web address and then it treats each new blog post almost like email. When there's a new post on someone's blog it appears in Google Reader in the same way an un-read email looks and you can either read the post in Google Reader itself or click to open the blog in a new window.

It makes my blog surfing so much more efficient! Anything I can do to help my blog-loving friends, right?! Hope you all have a great week!


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  3. I have GR too, and LOVE it. I love being so free to "test run" new blogs (like yours, which, *ahem* passed) and organize into folders!

    One other feature I really enjoy is sharing. Using sharing, you can add friends to your Google Reader page, and see their recommended blog posts, videos, news articles, and web snippets. Conversely, you can share your own favorite posts, etc. by hitting "share" or "share with note" at the end of every post in your Reader.

    There's a personalized hyperlink for non-GR users to see your shared items in a simple web layout, and (oh help us all) a Facebook app which publishes the same info in one-line form to your Facebook news feed. (There's also a way to create a button in FireFox to share snippets from *any* webpage, which --rocks--.)

    This is my favorite way to share laughs with my sister and friends from afar.

    PS - I don't work for 'em either, but you'd never know it.

    PPS - (There's no way to edit a comment, then I deleted the wrong comment, ... it's a good thing it's bedtime, 'cause I'm a mess!)

  4. OK, these are just gratuitous puppy pictures. What does she have to do with Google Blogger? Bah!