Sunday, May 17, 2009

A tale of two bloggers

Well, okay technically three bloggers if you count me. But in this company - I am just not even worthy! I couldn't sit still very long without jumping to my blog to share with you all, a very exciting breakfast I had yesterday morning!! The breakfast was in my own home - but that isn't the exciting part. My breakfast was with.......

Jen of Use Real Butter and Anita of Dessert First!!!!!!!!! (oh, and Jen's Jeremy too of course!)
Breakfast at Lisa is Bossy's!

Lucca was happy to meet new friends also!

Jen was in town this weekend and asked Anita and me (in addition to a few other local bloggers) if we wanted to meet up for coffee. Logistics worked out to meet in my general vicinity, so how could I refuse hosting two of my absolute favorite bloggers?

Coffee cake, fresh squeezed OJ, hot coffee and sweet muscat grapes

Meeting blog friends is quite an interesting prospect since you feel like you've known these folks for years, yet of course haven't met in person. Giving each girl a hug as I opened my front door to them felt so natural. And conversation flowed like "oh I remember when you traveled to..." and "what ever happened with the guy who...?" It was just like 3 old friends gabbing together after many months.

Those of you who do not know them... should. These are very accomplished women above and beyond the "talent" of blogging...

Lucca loved Jen for obvious reasons!

Jen started her blog, Use Real Butter a little more than 4 years ago. She was recently called out as one of the 50 Best Food Blogs in the World (um... the WORLD; can we say impressive?!). Jen's known for her UHMAYZINGLY BEAUTIFUL photography, informative recipes (including the often elusive Chinese recipe) and no nonsense attitude. You either like what she's dishing out, or you don't need to read her anymore! Easy, peasy! I could tell from her words that Jen and I would hit it off well. And I was far from wrong. Far from it...

I see dinner parties in our future, Anita!

Anita started her blog, Dessert First a bit more than 3 years ago. But these days, she might be even more well known for her hit cookie book Field Guide to Cookies. Anita's second cookbook will be coming out soon as it is officially "off to the printer's"! Anita's blog is ethereal and even poetic and almost always about sweets. She actually takes the time to style for her photos and the results are apparent and appreciated. Anita and I had talked about meeting before, since she too is a Bay Area local, but it just never worked out. However, I know for certain that Saturday was not the last time we'd dine together!

Unfortunately, Anita's other half could not make it to our get together, but Jen's Jeremy came along for the ride to politely nod and chuckle appropriately as the 3 of us talked "blog drama" and "DBing" (that of course means Daring Bakering). The morning went by all too quickly and I found it a bittersweet moment saying goodbye to these great new friends. There are always places set at my table for you, Jen and Anita! Here's to meeting new good friends in the most modern and interesting of places!

Here are Jen's and Anita's posts on our meet-up. Jen's got a particularly fantastic picture of Lucca that I {HEART}!


  1. It looks like you had a lot of fun! I'd love to meet more bloggers...



  2. HA! "Awkward guy photo." You are too funny. Looks like all of you had a wonderful time!

  3. I totally agree with Rosa!! Lovely post Lisa!! And I love Lucca!! Very cute doggie!! :)

  4. Mmm... coffee cake. looks delicious!

  5. How fun, and I love the awkward guy shot. Funny!

  6. You hilarious woman! Love the guy pic ;) Thank you for the hosting and the wonderful treats and for being such a sweetheart. Jeremy's favorite line from that morning, "Tell them I'm bossy!" :) xxoo

  7. Hi, came over from Jen's blog.

    Hey, great photos. How exciting to meat the great Jen Yu!

    Your dog is absolutely gorgeous.

  8. hey i'm a blogger, too! where's my coffee cake??? ;) xoxo.

  9. Thanks everyone!! I know - I'm so not worthy to meet "The Great Jen Yu" hahaha! That's hilarious... I definitely love my doggie and she is the biggest sweetheart and lovey girl EVER. Feel free to come back for more sometime! :)

  10. Wow! What a great kebab of bloggers! You gals are just stunningly beatiful! And well, Lucca is just adorable!

  11. Hey Lisa,
    Swamped with work this week, so uber-lame and have not left an "official" comment on this post. Thanks again for hosting - the photos came out great (well, what else would you expect!) Have a great Memorial Day weekend! XOXO