Friday, June 19, 2009


I'm back! I'm back! And (as usual) things are crazy with not enough time in each day for all that I need to do. In the meantime, I'm going to try to do entries about my vacation and mostly let the pictures do the talking. The first stop was Barcelona...:

On May 31st, I flew to Barcelona, Spain:

My cousin, his wife and their 2 kids live there:

My first day was spent sightseeing around Barcelona with my cousin's wife, Nicole:

Later that night, 2 aunties and 1 cousin flew in. And the next morning another auntie arrived (this one pictured is my Auntie Carole, and "Grammy" to the kids).

We spent that day back in Barcelona. Auntie Betty, who'd flown in that morning, was a trouper and took off with us for a full day after her arrival that early morning!

After a fun day of sightseeing we had a fabulous dinner at a wonderful tapas place called Inopia.

The next day we said goodbye to Nicole (and Kenny) and the kids, and got on a shuttle for the port.

We climbed onto our home for the next 12 days: Royal Caribbean's Brilliance of the Seas.

My parents had flown into Barcelona that morning at met us on the ship. All 4 sisters were here now!

And we're ready to start cruising the Mediterranean!!

Not to mention eat like pigs the entire 12 (+) days! This was my first night.
First stop...the French Riviera!!


  1. Love the pics of the tapas from Inopia. Brings back fond memories of our trip to Barcelona last year. We enjoyed our meal so much, we went back one more time before leaving Barcelona! Thanks again for letting us follow along with you through your blog and pictures :)

  2. Hope you will enjoye the cruise - I will pop in everyday to see new photos from your journey! It's my dream to go for one :)