Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Halloween!

"Are YOU dressing up? I am!! And I love it - can't you tell? I hope you get lots of goodies and cookies and candy and treats. I got a lot of treats just taking these photos so it's my lucky day! I ♥ Halloween if I'm gonna get treats like this every year! Dad thinks Mom's crazy, and I think I might too. But at least I get treats!

Gooooooooo Team!

I won my costume contest for my playgroup at Doggie Daycare for the 2nd year in a row wearing this cheerleader costume. It's pretty funny isn't it? I like to chew on the pom-poms/arms but then Mom makes me stop.

Even cheerleaders have to sit and take a break sometimes

I got to bring home a plastic pumpkin full of treats and toys and a Halloween bandanna as a prize! Dad is very proud even though he wasn't totally on-board about the costumes in the first place. But he's a competitive guy so he's proud if I win something.

Remember my costume from last year?

This was my pirate wench costume from last year. I won my costume contest at Doggie Daycare then too!

Minnie Lucca

And let's not forget the Minnie ears Mom brought back from Orlando for me. They're specifically for dogs and they fit me perfectly. I got more treats for wearing these too - so my Halloween has be pretty plentiful and awesome so far.

Tonight I get to go to my boyfriend Carter's house for dinner. He was at the Halloween party at our daycare too! But I didn't get to see him since I play in a different group. So I can't wait to see him tonight! Maybe I'll post an additional picture of us in our costumes later.

Trick or treat? (I did both)

Thanks for checking me out in my costumes! I hope you have a happy and safe Halloween! Woof!"


"PS: here we are!!:

Mom brought Mickey ears home from Disney World for Carter too, so that we could match like the cute couple we are! (that's Dad wearing his "costume" which is a Hulk t-shirt, in back)

Carter was a lobster. But doesn't it actually look like he's getting put in a chokehold BY a lobster?

And one final one of me. All the humans thought this was hilarious for some reason. I don't know why. I was just sitting there nicely, wearing my stupid costume and waiting for Carter to get ready for our picture!

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this. Thanks for visiting!"


  1. Lucca looks downright comfortable in her many roles. I think you are a terrific mom and you have marvelous taste.

  2. Lucca makes the cutest cheerleader!

  3. tooo cute, i dont know which one i prefer, lovely dogs!

  4. Ahhhh, SO cute!! I'm not sure if Lucca is diggn' the costumes?? LOL!! Great pics!