Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mama's mama's day

My mom. She's happiest in her kitchen. But after that she's happiest in her yard. Yes, I inherited my mom's crafting and cooking and baking and sewing (and bossiness). But what I didn't inherit was her gardening. My mom loves, loves, loves to putter around her one third of an acre and landscapes the entire plot herself. HERSELF. She loves it. She's truly in heaven when she's in her yard. Vegetables and fruits and flowers and shrubs and trees and grasses and ground-cover and hanging plants. They're all out there. And on Mother's Day all she wants to do is be out there with them.

Mom and I both ADORE her gorgeous peonies.
She grows TONS of these and they bloom every May.

So today... Mom gardened. She also got Dutch Baby pancakes for breakfast (made by moi) and went shopping and to Starbuck's with me. And got dinner made for her (for the most part; she CAN'T stay out of her own kitchen!) And got her kitchen tidied by Dad and my brother, collectively... with some grumbling from the brother. Hrmph.

This is just about my favorite color rose

I followed her around her yard today shooting my favorite flowers. There are so many more, but I didn't want to write a long post. :)

The snapdragons are magnificent right now

Cheesy with the droplets, but it was legit - it rained this morning

Lucca helped too. Until she no longer helped. And got a time out. Naughty grandpuppy.

Naughty doggie...

Happy Mother's Day to you and your mother and any other mother you know or used to know. Moms are the best.