Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Olympic Peaches

I am proud to say that this is my very own pie recipe. Not like it was that difficult; I basically used my family's existing peach pie recipe and dumped a couple boxes of raspberries into it. But it's still very satisfying to say it is my own creation! Especially when it looks this good!!
My very own Peach Raspberry Pie

My parents drove out to Brentwood to do something my mom loves more than your average person: pick fruit. She returned home with about 100 pounds of peaches, I kid you not. Fay Elberta and cling to be exact. She doled some out to her sisters (as they always do when one comes upon a large stash of fresh fruit/veggies) and is keeping a lot to herself for various things: canning, eating, jamming, fruit-leathering. She generously gave me about 12 and since they're LARGE peaches I decided to use some for this pie.
I love peaches!

All I had to do now was come up with an excuse to make the pie. I was having some friends over to watch the Beijing Opening Ceremonies last Friday night - what a great excuse!

Pretty pretty! --- Just a spoonful of sugar!
My sous chef

I even found myself with a little kitchen helper. And by helper I mean "I'll help eat any bits of crust dough that fall on the floor!!!"

I mentioned it in this post how often times I'll "theme" my pie vents depending on the occasion. So here I was making a pie on 8-8-08 in preparation for the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics, but I certainly didn't have an Olympic rings cookie cutter. So I went a different (less exciting) route:

Going in ---- Coming out
3 minutes after cutting and 9 people later

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