Thursday, August 28, 2008

She made bail

I realize I haven't blogged in over a week now. And this time I actually don't have any good excuse for it. Well maybe I do - I was so beat after cooking and "creating" for the shower that I basically took a break this week. I didn't cook other than for a friend's BBQ and basically spent each evening planted on my couch or at dinner with friends. It was a very relaxing week! But it then means I have nothing very exciting to share.
Look how big she's getting!
Well until tonight...

I had dinner with Andrea. She hadn't yet met Lucca but we were almost late for our reservation when she arrived, so she ran in, gave me a hug and we then left together. Well Miss Lucca was within view of us and was so excited to see a new friend. But then we left. And she was really upset (I could hear her bark as we walked away from the front door - and she really doesn't bark that much!) So Andrea and I enjoyed a nice leisurely sushi dinner just a few miles from home. We were gone for maybe an hour and a half.

As I was about to open my front door I reminded Andrea that Lucca is still a puppy and asked her "have you been around many puppies?" Just wanted to make sure she knew what she was in for.

Well - I didn't even know what I was in for!
This is what I saw when I came in the door:

Uh oh...

And there was a VERY happy puppy wiggling all over at our feet - VERY pleased with herself.

This is what she did while we were out:

It really wasn't bad - apropos that she tore up a PetEdge catalog?

I'm actually shocked and considering myself very lucky that she didn't get into more. There was a GIGANTIC pile of laundry on the couch and she only played with a couple pieces of it. No shoes will need to be thrown away.  The couch and pillows were intact. There was no poop or pee anywhere.

Is it possible that what everyone is saying is right? Do we have a really GREAT dog?
Well we do, but I also think tonight we got REALLY lucky!

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  1. Lisa, you've certainly got the GREAT dog and you are very LUCKY! She is adorable! The baby is getting bigger, I can tell :)