Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Our crazy dog

I know I've promised to not turn my blog into a Dog Blog but it's okay once in a while, right? Especially when it's humorous and not just me gushing over how adorable she is? (She's SOOOOOO adorable! Oops..)
I have no idea how she got that roll of TP off the counter
(I Photoshopped out the pile of poop she left us too. My, what a bad day!)
"What? Watches aren't chew toys?"

"Items in the recycling basket are chew toys though, right?"

As Lucca gets older (she'll be 5 months old on Sunday) she develops more and more..."personality". By personality I mean - stubbornness, feistiness, craziness, clinginess and destructiveness. But at the bottom of it all she is loving.
She's taking her wet-food bowl into her crate.
That's where all her prized possessions go.

Lucca was sleeping next to my parents' couch... and slowly disappeared completely underneath it!
(My brother was too busy getting her out to take a final "Where's Lucca?" picture.)

Really, her very happiness hinges upon being in close proximity to one of us. Not that this is very un-dog-like. But it's still truthful. The crazier she is - the more loyal she becomes too (and let's not forget that she is in the middle of her adolescence - it only gets better from here!)
Lucca "helping" my brother cut up some branches at my parents' house
She looks like some alien dog here - with weird arms!
So the funny and destructive things she does - while a little frustrating right now - do make us chuckle. I know we'll look back on these times one day and wish she was still a puppy.
As long as she is touching one of us - she is content


  1. I heart your puppy. She is so cute. Our own special K would love to play w/ Lucca. Puppies are so much fun, but I sure don't miss the poop messes :)

  2. Do you ever bring Kaweah to the Bay Area? Lucca loves to play with any and all dogs - but she certainly has a special affinity for labs!!

  3. Except for being a skinnier dude, Bailey does the exact same things. I laughed so hard at Lucca and the branches...Bailey was doing that all day long the other day!! No poop messes though, knock on wood :)

  4. I can imagine how much work she is, but she's also so much joy!