Friday, October 3, 2008

Pizza dough-nuts = churros??

I mentioned I might do it here. Well, I wasn't kidding!

I made pizza for my brother a couple weeks ago when he was here for the weekend. But far too much dough for the 2 of us. That meant I had a large ball of truly beautiful pizza dough in my fridge just begging for me to work with it each time I opened that door.
They look like donuts. They tasted like churros!

More than just a few times, I've heard or read about people using pizza dough to make donuts. Just cut your shapes, fry them up, shake them in cinnamon sugar (or make a glaze - or heck, do both!) I mean really the most complicated part is making the dough in the first place!
I COULD NOT throw that away!!

It's worth noting that my mom makes DEE-LISH-OUS cinnamon cake donuts. I have a strong childhood memory of being treated to them during October since she loves to serve them with the apple cider we've always gotten in Apple Hill. I haven't made them myself since even thinking about deep frying tends to make me gain weight.

Why is it that we all love donut holes more than donuts? I definitely made more!

But what was I to do with this leftover pizza dough? Make more pizza? (I also gain weight from just looking at a pizza) Or try this donut route? Well, Debbie was over last week so I figured I could spread the fat and calories to her too since she the same metabolic age as a 12 year old. So I made donuts! Out of pizza dough!

The perfect temperature for frying donuts? 375°
I felt like I was conducting a science experiment. Like I actually stood there watching the dough fry wondering if it would "work". Well of course it worked! But would it be soft and donut-y, especially when the dough baked is quite bready, chewy, crusty and dense? Would they be sweet enough with only the coating having sugar? Would they taste like donuts?
Next time maybe I should pipe strips to make them seem more like churros?

Yes, yes and well, no - they tasted like churros! But heck, I love churros! This was certainly not a science experiment gone bad.
It was good... very good...


  1. Yum! Yours is now the third post on doughnuts i've seen in as many days ... it must be a sign to get over my fear of hot oil and make some!

  2. you are making me hungry! it all looks so delicious!

  3. hey! new reader. those look delicious. if only i had a big bottle of oil i could fry some in right now.. :P

  4. What a great idea! I'm going to have to try this next time. They look tasty :)