Monday, November 24, 2008

Dog days in Carmel

It's been a busy, busy couple weeks. And it's just all about to get busier. On top of many things going on daily, I was out of town this past weekend with a good friend and our doggies. We headed south to Carmel; the most dog friendly city in the US if not the world!
Lucca and Kohl and their May-December relationship

Lucca's not ready to go to bed yet, while Kohl is

Tracey has been a super great friend since we were 3 years old and met in our preschool class. She is now a professional dog trainer and manages a small chain of doggie daycares in the area. Let's just say, we would not have brought Lucca into our (now seemingly dog crazy) lives if it weren't for the council of Tracey. Not only did she explain how we could make it work with full time jobs and a small home, she has also been Lucca's #1 helper. She's taken her to puppy socials when we're out of town and kept her overnight when we were away. She advises me on products and food and training techniques. She lets me know if I'm doing right or wrong with her and is completely and totally the emergency contact on Lucca's doggie daycare profile. It's hard to thank someone when they do such a big thing for you. Though it comes naturally to Tracey (advising people on their dogs), it is still a HUGE help to me and for that I am so grateful.

Tracey's Great Dane, Kohl while being big and sweet and beautiful, is now nine and a half years old and slowing down. I knew giving her a trip with him somewhere would be a gift she'd never forget. And since it's been perhaps 13 years since she and I last went away together, it seemed like the perfect plan.

Just where do Bay Area folk take a vacation with their dogs? CARMEL
At the Cypress Inn you can have Afternoon Tea while your dog
sleeps at your side (can you see her munching her bone?)

All the restaurants made the dogs feel welcome

Carmel - while being perfectly gorgeous and quaint and charming and fantastic for non-dog people, is all that and more for we dog-crazy folk. Dogs are allowed in every store where many welcome them with water and cookies. There are ~20 hotels and ~40 restaurants that doggies can enjoy with their owners. Plus, they're allowed to run on the beach leash-free!
With Carmel being a short 1-2 hours drive (depending on where you are in the Bay Area) you get a LOT of San Francisco Bay Area folks down there each weekend. We stayed at a B&B called the Carmel Wayfarer Inn which was very quaint and cozy and a pleasant walk from the main part of town. Light breakfasts in the morning and wine & cheese in the evening topped off the accommodations splendidly.

Carmel Wayfarer Inn courtyard

Anyone who visits San Francisco should of course get their fill of San Francisco before leaving... but if you have extra days I'd highly recommend Carmel for a couple. Oh and let's not forget Napa too. Have I ever mentioned how much I love where I live??
During breakfast time

Happy Thanksgiving to all! We're leaving for a few weeks of vacation next week and I hope to blog while gone but just in case I don't get around to it before we go.... the next time you hear from me I just might be in...


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  1. Oh hooray! I am so glad you were able to somehow squeeze this one in! We really had a fantastic time. THANK YOU so much!! :)