Monday, November 10, 2008

Little Lucca grows up

Today signifies an important puppy milestone - Lucca is getting spayed. She'll be 6 months old on Wednesday and that means - it's time. We found ourselves petting her belly a lot this morning. Just knowing things will be "different" when we get her back tonight. But of course this is for the best. There are many super good reasons to spay a dog - many of which have nothing to do with preventing puppies!
"I'm starting to look more and more like an adult doggie"

"Dad's Stanford gear is just irresistible!"

First and most importantly, by spaying a dog before they come into heat the first time - you reduce the chance of breast cancer 80%. EIGHTY PERCENT! Cancer in dogs can be very common. So if you aren't a professional breeder and don't have acres of land and lots of breed knowledge - there's your biggest reason right there. Spay your dog by the time they're 6 months old [before they come into heat for the first time ~8-10 months.]
"Do I look nerdy like Dad?"

"Arrrrr - Happy Halloween! (I really didn't mind -
they only left it on a few minutes)"

Spaying a female puppy also reduces their chance of uterine infections. (Gosh, I never thought I'd write the word "uterine" in this rather tame, domesticated blog of mine.)
"I might look more like a grown-up but I'm SO NOT"

There are less serious, less medical reasons to get your dog spayed too. Like her ability to go to doggie daycare and to play at the dog park without fear of umm.... "attention" during a particular time of year. A responsible doggie daycare should not even allow "un-altered" dogs to come play.
"This is an okay bed while Mom & Dad work in the kitchen"

"Uh oh - I'm not allowed up here and Dad's not as strict as Mom,
but do I hear Mom coming??"

"Me? Aggressive?"

Not that Lucca is aggressive in the least, but spaying can also bring aggression levels down and result in a calmer disposition.
"Baths suck"

"Baths suck a lot"

There are many other good reasons - and there's a full list for males too that I just didn't touch on since my baby's a little girl.

"I {heart} my humans"

Take good, responsible care of your doggies!! They live to love you.

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  1. I just had to come catch up on Lucca...Cuteness overload! All these pictures are awesome....I can so relate!
    Bailey finally lifted his leg to did 3 months ago but it was the front one....finally the back one!! Ahhhhhhhh!