Monday, December 8, 2008

A couple days in Cape Town

I don't know who reads my blog since no one COMMENTS {hint!} but I'm hoping some folks are enjoying that I'm attempting to post while traveling!!
The Cape of Good Hope

As I've heard many times before - the Cape Town and Winelands area really does resemble the San Francisco Bay Area. We haven't yet gotten to the Winelands (tomorrow!) but so far I've driven streets, gone through nature reserves, dipped my toes in the sea etc. each of which remind me of San Francisco, Monterey, Santa Cruz and even more.

Our own private breakfast table at our guest-house!

We're LOVING it! The weather is (global warming) unseasonably hot. While it is supposed to be the beginning of summer here, it's been close to 90° the last 2 days which isn't supposed to happen until ~February. And boy, do I have a [sexy] sun-burn on my shoulders to prove it!

Wanna hear about unseasonal? Whales are supposed to be gone by mid-November.
Our tour driver was FLOORED when we saw these Southern Right whales along our drive!!

So what have we been doing the last couple days? They've been full - that's for sure!

Yesterday, we went on a Cape Peninsula Tour which took us down to the Cape of Good Hope and the Cape Point...

Along the way we:
Took pictures at the Twelve Apostles on the backside of Table Mountain

Climbed up to Cape Point (the lighthouse above the Cape of Good Hope)

Saw African penguins

Marveled at the water off Boulders Beach in Simon's Town

People-watched in Camps Bay

Snuck into the Bay Hotel (in Camps Bay) and enjoyed a drink, a rest and a sunset

Dined at Blues Restaurant (that's the seafood platter with mussels,
line fish, calamari, jumbo prawn and crayfish)

and that was just yesterday!!

Today we covered a lot less ground, but had just as much fun and took some fantastic pictures as well!

We started the morning meeting the guest-house
new 8-week-old dachshund puppy, Tailor

Visited the V&A Waterfront for the first time (very similar to Pier 39 in SF)

Had high tea at the Mount Nelson Hotel (has been written
up as the best afternoon tea in the world!)

Enjoyed the sunset on the top of Table Mountain before having to depart early due to high winds!

Hope you're enjoying the pictures and posts! Not sure for just how long we'll have Internet on this trip so get it while you can!


  1. I'm not sure how I found your blog, but its in my bloglines so I read it! Looks like a nice place to be right now... lot different than the snow I'm dealing with.

  2. I enjoyed your photos! A close friend of mine had an opportunity to work in Capetown for 6 months and she came back absolutely in love with South Africa.

    Safe travels!

  3. I am so envious right now. It looks amazing there! SO COOL that you guys saw orcas!!! Watch out for Great Whites! They are supposed to be all over the place there, I do believe!

  4. Does Mike have an ostrich feather tacked to his butt for camouflage?

  5. Kelly and sk - we are so loving it here. I can now see why so many people fall in love with South Africa and Cape Town!

    Trace - They're actually Southern Right whales so we've learned. It's super rare that they're out at this time of year tho so we felt really special that we caught them! You should see how many pix I had to take just to get that 1!

    Oh and Jimmy - Mike says "I need a lot more help than that to blend in here..." But OMG hilarious that you caught that!! We both laughed when we realized that in the pic too!

  6. Okay, Lady. I just looked up southern right whales, and they don't have a dorsal fin, so whoever told you that is what they were doesn't know what they are talking about. ;)
    I still stand by my Orca call. It looks like a male and a female to me!

    Wikipedia says, "At about 1.8 m (6 ft), the male's dorsal fin is more than twice the size of the female's and is more of a triangular shape—a tall, elongated isosceles triangle—whereas the dorsal fin of the female is shorter and generally more curved.[citation needed]

    Adult male Orcas are very distinctive and are unlikely to be confused with any other sea creature (except the Southern Right Whale by locals who don't know what they are talking about-I said that, not Wikipedia). When seen from a distance in temperate waters, adult females and juveniles can be confused with various other species, for example, the False Killer Whale or Risso's Dolphin."

  7. Hi Lise and Mike! Oh I'm so envious, it looks like you guys are having a fabulous time in a great location.. I'll have to add it to my list of places that I definitely want to visit. Can't wait to hear more about your trip and happy holiday!

  8. Awesome!! I loved your pics of the African cute :) I especially liked how your ponytail was blowing in the wind in the sunset pic :D Who takes those pics for you when both of you are in it?

  9. WOW! How much do you have to tip the penguins to take such great pictures of you guys?

  10. Wow! It looks so beautiful out there! You guys look like you're having a fantastic time.

  11. haha... who knew you could leave a comment?! i sure didn't. ;) thanks for the hint. these pictures look amazing, lise. i love all the wildlife ones from the safari!!

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  13. I'm very glad to find your photo, "Twelve Apostles." It reminds me of a travel in Cape Town. Thank you.