Saturday, December 6, 2008

December? Happy summer!

We are in Cape Town, South Africa! It's about 85°; sunny and warm. We landed earlier today, checked into the gorgeous guest house we're staying in and had a delicious [yet eyes way too big for our stomachs] dinner at a restaurant just a short walk from our place. We're now relaxing after about 27 hours of traveling (door to door).
The view literally immediately after leaving the airport -
Table Mountain right in front of you!

Another view of Table Mountain
on our drive from the airport

We're pretty excited to be here where it doesn't really feel like "Africa". We'll get plenty of that later on our other stops...

The exchange from US dollars to South African rand is EXCELLENT right now. South Africa is something like #2 in the top 10 list of places where the dollar is strong. So at the nice place we dined tonight - no entrée was over $10. We had a TON of food - 2 appetizers and 2 entrées for $25!!

-Chicken livers with bacon on whole wheat toast
-A whole avocado with prawns and sweet chili sauce

-Salmon and hake fish cakes
-Prime rib with veggies and mash

Oh and the best part and perhaps the thing I always hate most about traveling internationally?

Yah right we're in the "non-smoking section"!!

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  1. I bet you're loving the no smoking section! Try to make it through without injuring anyone with a baleful stare!