Monday, March 30, 2009

My little cup 'o joe

I'm not really one of those die-hard coffee drinkers. I used to always claim that I was a social drinker (um, coffee drinker that is) and only drink my Tall Non-Fat Caramel Macchiato when on a visit to my favorite little chain. In fact, there are 2 Starbuckses within walking distance from my house which made the whole trip so much more charming. Stroll to the coffee shop with Lucca in tow, get her a cup of water while I'd sit with my chosen companion and sip my mocha or latte...

However, I couldn't help but notice that I started getting myself a cup of coffee every morning in the office. And whenever invited to a cup at a friend's place, I would always partake. And I was even stopping into coffee shops to *gasp* drink by myself! By myself! That's no longer a social drinker! **Lucca and her Starbucks, pic taken August '08 (with my cell phone!)

So why didn't I own a coffee maker at home? Well, for a couple reasons. There's just one of me, so I didn't want to be making a whole pot each time I wanted a cup. And with my KitchenAid, toaster oven, utensil crock, Cuisinart, wine rack, dish rack -- there's really no room in my 4 x 6 foot kitchen. So on a whim, while at BB&B I bought this. It seemed like the perfect solution to assist in my seemingly apparent coffee habit.

It's a bit silly how excited I am about my new French press coffee maker. I realize probably 90% of Americans wake up each morning to cups of fresh, hot, strong coffee in their own kitchens. But the idea was so novel to me. Gosh, what I've been missing!

I still don't seem to find the time on weekdays, but last weekend I broke out my packet of Vanilla Coffee I bought while in Zanzibar in December, and brewed myself a cup

Just had to share my happy little find with you all. I'd imagine a handful of "readers" don't live in large spaces either. Well I have a couple hints for you if you decide to buy a French Press or already own one you don't use much. This particular Bodum will make about 3 cups of coffee. I'm talking a mug, not a demitasse. Roughly 30 oz. It takes about 3-4 tablespoons of course coffee grounds per cup of coffee being brewed. So for instance, if I'm making only 1 cup of coffee for myself it goes like this:
  • Boil around 1 ½ cups of water
  • Put 3-4 T of course coffee grounds into the bottom of the press
  • "Measure" the hot water by pouring it into the coffee mug I'm going to use
  • Pour the water from the mug into the press
  • Let steep for 4 minutes -- and enjoy!

I know, I did just write a "recipe" for coffee. What is going on?? Well, like I've said before - my blog is about whatever I want. And I'm enjoying this new contraption so you get to hear about it! If I help 1 person out by ridding them of their outdated, ugly, bulky old coffee maker to get a French press - it's worthwhile!


  1. We have one of these as well. Definitely convenient for smaller serving amounts.

    BTW, you have run afoul of the Gratuitous Puppy Picture Police. The citation will arrive by mail in 5-7 day. Be sure to remit the payment of your fine in a timely manner to avoid further trouble.

  2. Lisa, congratulations on your new purchase! Bodum French press is a great device. Enjoy!

  3. i bought this exact same thing for my dad for father's day one year when i was in, i think, 8th grade. =)

    please let me know when you find a compact 6-qt. slow cooker... ;)

  4. Awesome photos! Thanks for leaving a note on my blog! send me an email when you have a moment so we can keep in touch!

  5. i love my french press but i hardly ever use it. i drink so much coffee it's just easier for me to do instant coffee at home. i'm embarrassed to write that!

  6. puppy was so cute then!

    i got a french press for jeremy last year after i donated his old bodum many years ago before one of our cross-country moves. the new one cost twice as much as the bodums, but it's stainless steel and insulated, which he loves since hot drinks cool so quickly at our elevation. it's perfect for him b/c i don't drink the stuff and i don't really think he needs to be downing a pot of coffee a day :)

  7. b is the coffee drinker in our house but we got a 12-cup brewer for times we entertain. it's pretty fancy and theoretically, we could use the timer to brew a small pot for him every morning. too bad we aren't proactive enough to do that, we'd save some money on his daily cup of joe.

  8. Using a french press is for sure an art form. And I haven't been able to master it yet. Of course when we moved 5 years ago, mine got broken and I never replaced it.

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