Thursday, April 9, 2009

Living on the edge

I couldn't help myself - I had to share this little story with all of you...

What comes to mind when I say the words "Baking Accident"? You think blistering burns, fires, flames and smoke shooting out of the oven while the fire alarm freaks out... you think sizzling hot boiling sugar spilling onto some toes or a hand... you think maybe the Cuisinart caught some part of a person while pulsing with the dough blade... you think maybe the dog wandered in while one was moving quickly across the kitchen and a fall ensued... you even think maybe there was cutting and bleeding while slicing up some baked goods??

Hmm what happened here?
(my pile of freshly folded aprons and towels!)

Those horrors are what come to my mind too. The above isn't exactly the "Baking Accident" crime scene you'd envision, right? So fortunately, no one was really harmed as a result of this here, accident. But it was still pretty funny.

I was mixing up Mom's molasses wheat bread yesterday and slowly sprinkling a cup of flour into the mixer as the dough hook was running on low. Somehow the cup caught on the hook and it was thrown ACROSS the room, sprinkling flour all along it's path. BUT - not before it first hit me in the forehead along its flight.

Now we know what I'll look like in 30 years?
At least it's sort of a cool look...

Lucca helpfully "vacuumed" the floor while I wiped the counters... what a team.


  1. Hah! I've had something similar happen, but never been clocked in the head with a measuring cup. :)

  2. Perhaps you should start wearing protective eye wear? Very funny!

  3. i LOVE your wonderful sense of humility in your posting this and laughing at yourself. you're a gem, lise!

  4. in addition to protective eye wear, how about protective hair covers too? ;)

  5. ROTFLMAO! OMG, that pic is priceless! So glad you're ok, though! I once had a frozen chicken fall on my lie. I'll have to blog about it's insane how it happened!

    BTW, did you get the black platter at Target? GMTA, indeed!

  6. funniest picture ever. and so funny coz its just so you! lol.