Friday, May 23, 2008

I {heart} my new flash!

My new flash arrived yesterday. I am THRILLED! Just in time for a friend's wedding this weekend! I realize I stated here that I hate using flash - but really what I should have said is that I hate using on-board flash.

So happy together!

The only limitation with the SB-400 is that it doesn't rotate so you can't bounce flash off the ceiling when taking vertical pictures. But as long as the wall is light enough - you can still get some good reflection. I'll be picking up a diffuser too for them high ceiling and outdoor shots. Anything to get away from the "miners light" that seems to always appear on oily skinned peoples' foreheads. :)

Straight on, 60 degrees, 75 degrees and 90 degrees vertical

I'm slowly becoming a big wanna-be-photographer nerd. You should see me showing up at weddings in my heels, dress, cute handbag with a big bulky camera bag slung over the other shoulder... It's perhaps not the best look. But it gets some good shots. One of the "gifts" I love to give a newly married couple is an online album of photos taken at their wedding - within 48 hours of its occurrence. So I think it's worth the fashion sacrifice. Stay tuned for some shots from this weekend's wedding!

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  1. Nice shirt. :) You can further add to your photo-gear hoonage by getting a giant diffuser for the flash. Like a Gary Fong Whale Tail (which I've yet to try but plan to once I get around to getting a flash, but for the moment, I like how much light my f/1.4mm lens sucks in)