Saturday, May 17, 2008

I'd rather be outside

I'm sitting in the office. It's a Saturday. I'm about 3 pounds heavier than I was last week at this time. What a great day huh? While I sit inside and manipulate my laptop and mouse - I'm dreaming of being outside in the land of this beautiful place that I live. Case in point...

Pebble Beach

I work for a multi-billion dollar corporation smack dab in the middle of the Silicon Valley. We're about to implement a brand new ordering system next month - so this is a HUGE deal. I've been sitting in a giant room full of coworkers testing functionality for the last week. And here I am on a break in the office (while the systems are down) - blogging.

The Pros: they bring in all sorts of food all day long to keep us "happy" and show appreciation.
The Cons: they bring in all sorts of food all day long to keep us "happy" and show appreciation.

I have literally gained 3 pounds this week with all the free breakfasts, lunches, Starbucks runs, snacks, candy, chips in the afternoon... I have no will-power!! And I will be contributing to it all if I bring in some macarons on Monday (as has been requested multiple times over by my coworkers.)

Fort Bragg

Anderson Valley and Mendocino

Coming into work on a Saturday is made even worse by the fact that I live in truly one of the most beautiful places in the world: The San Francisco Bay Area. We have around us more beautiful locales within a 3 hour drive than I could ever put into 1 blog entry.

Half Moon Bay

On a special day in April or May one could surf in the sun in the morning and ski on the slopes in the afternoon (and drive 3 hours in between). It's interesting isn't it, that the most beautiful landscapes often include bodies of water? As I browsed through some of my old pictures this morning - all my favorites included the ocean or a lake.

I'll apologize for some of these photos not being that great - many were taken with a small point-and-shoot many years before I was taking very quality photographs.

Lake Tahoe

We've been going through a heat spell the last few days - so being outside is maybe not SO enjoyable in the 90° weather. But as soon as I finish and leave here I'll be donning my bathing suit and heading to my parents' house to enjoy the pool. Perhaps swim a few laps and get ready to start losing that 3 pounds (and hopefully more!)

Baker Beach, San Francisco

Oops - gotta go... lunch is here.

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