Sunday, May 11, 2008


Better late than never, I suppose? I spent so much of today doing things for other people (as seems to be the trend with me lately) that I didn't have a chance to post earlier as I was planning - to wish everyone a very happy Mother's Day!

Fortunately part of my day included spending time with my own mother (and dad, and brother) and making them all a nice dinner which we enjoyed together in a way that we seem to do so rarely now: as a family of four. If someone were to ask me where I find the most comfort I'd answer "being with my family; and definitely with my mom."

As I get older, the comfort my mother brings doesn't seem to lessen - just change. Swift bandaging and happy-face-stamping to treat a booboo has been replaced with knowing my phone call to inquire about that recipe will be immediately answered. It's still comfort and it still can only be executed correctly by Mom.

New mothers, long-time mothers, soon to be mothers - Happy Mother's Day!

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