Sunday, June 15, 2008


Ahh yes, my father the electrical engineering, Silicon Valley nerd. Does he not look the perfect part? The glasses, the (not 1, but 2) pens in the pocket and is that a short sleeve dress shirt?? Who woulda thought that little Asian baby belonged to this man? Well... he's my dad. And there's no doubt in anyone's mind that we share the same blood. I get the same dumb-as-a-doorknob look on my face when I'm fascinated with something: an unfortunate trait from Dad's side of the family. At age 8, I wired my doll-house with lighting after he drew me a schematic. I was one of the only women writing code in my IT group when I started work out of college. I'm pretty diplomatic and reasonable (umm... not always a Chinese trait). Dad gave me so many things for which I am truly thankful. One of the most important, of course: double eyelids!

We decided years ago that Father's and Mother's Day need not be about gifts of material items and instead make it a day that we spend with Dad or Mom doing whatever they'd like. So lucky for me, I am sitting down to the computer now after bidding my family good night. As we did for Mother's Day - we spent most of the day together and topped it with a nice dinner and dessert. I really cherish my time with my family. Happy Father's Day to my dad, to your dad, to your husband, to you... I hope it was very special.

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  1. double eyelids!!!!!!
    I have the not so obvious ones, so sometimes I use those stickers to enhance it..if u know what I'm talking about.