Monday, June 23, 2008

What a tart

My birthday was weeks ago - and I'm really still enjoying it. Or perhaps I should say... enjoying my generous gifts.

I arrived home from work one night last week to find a green-wrapped package on my doorstep with a note indicating it was a belated birthday gift from YG. That girl somehow always gets me gifts that fit me PERFECTLY. And this birthday gift was no different. I have literally had "Tartine" in my Amazon shopping cart twice and each time removed it deciding that I just didn't need another cookbook. I've even flipped through it two different times while relaxing in a Borders Books cafe. For some reason I still hadn't bought it for myself. And YG did. Thanks YG! I love it!!

Tartine's Sweet Tart Dough -------- Baked shells (I love extras!) ---------- Mmm pastry cream
Add to that a Williams-Sonoma gift card from Wendy and Henry which I traded for a 10" tart pan and my beloved new mixer. With the dawning of summer this weekend, and the knowledge that all the local stores have so much delicious fresh fruit right now, I put these components (and myself) to work making fruit tarts for a friend's BBQ! What better way to finish off a 95° day than with softly sweetened crust, a cool creamy custard and sweet refreshing fruit.

The cookbook gave me the sweet tart dough recipe...

The mixer helped with the dough and the pastry cream...

And the tart pan held it all together!

I only wish I could have shared it with all of you who made it possible! (what, I'm winning an Oscar now?) YG, Wendy, Henry - I owe you one...

Oh and one little "trick" I enjoy? If you need to err on the side of making just enough dough or just a bit more - make just a bit more... 'Cuz you never know when you might need extra dough with which to patch your crust. And umm... you never know when you might need some sweets a few days later too...

Oh yea - Monday night dessert!

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  1. Lisa, they're beautiful!I have a
    Williams Sonoma gift certificate burning a hole in my pocket!
    Madam Chow