Monday, July 7, 2008

Antibiotics and a puppy

An interesting few days it has BEEN. All started out well enough when I commented (on 4th of July) how everything felt perfect! I had some excellent news at work, we were looking forward to a long weekend which included picking up our new baby puppy and we were on our way to my parents' for a BBQ with family. Ahhh.... I almost said the words "everything is perfect" when a superstitious lightning bolt hit me and I decided to keep the words to myself. But perhaps it was too late?...

Let's start with the bad news (and save the good for later). I have strep throat. Blegh. I'm assuming I caught it during a group lunch at work last Wednesday where someone must have used the "mouth" end of their chopsticks to pick up some food from the community dishes. And not only do I have strep throat - but it's causing something of a mild variation of scarlet fever. That's right - SCARLET FEVER. I thought that was one of those "old time" diseases! And it's supposed to only happen to children! Ok so I don't HAVE scarlet fever and since I started antibiotics today, I won't be getting it. But I have similar minor signs like a rash, skin irritation and my face is all swollen. I'll probably be stuck in the house for a couple days before I'm no longer contagious - it's only supposed to take 24 hours after starting antibiotics, but I'd probably throw in an extra day there to be fully cautious. So there you go! Stuck at home alone with a new puppy! And feeling awful! That's the last time I think things are perfect!
"I'm ready for my ride home!"
Well now onto the good. Our new puppy, Lucca :)
And yes, she's a girl. I've had too many know-it-all family members tell me that Lucca is a boy's name. But look I have proof that it is also known as the female form of Lucas!
New best friends
She is the biggest sweetheart. We picked her up yesterday afternoon. She squawked and cried and whined at being put into her travel crate, but soon quieted down for her long drive home. We stopped in San Luis Obispo to run her around and try to "empty" her. Success!! And back in the car for another few hours...
"Everything seems too big for me"
And after a LONG drive home from Southern California she pretty much slept the whole night through. It broke my heart to leave her this morning while I went to see my doctor (and that of course took longer than I anticipated). But I put her in the bathroom, left her her crate, some toys, some food, some water, some boxers I sleep in and a news radio station quietly playing. When I came home (expecting to see torn/chewed walls and poop and puddles all over) she was fast asleep in the crate with her little paws resting on the boxers.
"Maybe this crate thing isn't too bad afterall..."
These first few weeks with a puppy are going to be a challenge. After 1 full day with her - that much I know. But just like a newborn baby - the sleepless nights and crying will fade quickly with time. And soon enough she'll be all grown and we'll miss the time that she was this sweet little puppy.

Oh yah - and to all of you who want to visit her. It's looking like Wed might be the first possible day for that. Just get ahold of us and we'll keep you posted on my lovely sickness. Yup - things are definitely no longer perfect.


  1. w00 h00! puppy!! super cute! :D

  2. she's ADORABLE!! ah, i remember the sleepless nights during mochi's potty training, and finding random tiny puddles all over, but TOTALLY. WORTH. IT.

  3. sweetest little face ever!!! and how can anyone question lucca as a little girl's name??? "my name is luca... i live on the second floor..." (susan vega)

  4. Ok, when I come back to visit in September... I want to meet her!! So happy for you! So adorable too!

  5. Awww ... she is adorable!!! I hope you feel better soon.

    I've "tagged" you to write your own meme. Come on over to my blog see the rules!

  6. Lisa, congratulations with a new family member! She is absolutely adorable!

    Please, get better soon. Take a good care of yourself.

  7. OMG Lise your pup is sooo adorable! I wish I had been keeping up with your blog more regularly - I literally spent 2 hours on it the other night! I love it!!!

  8. She's super cute! Ours is a mix and going through his "I want to chew the bigger dog off" period.