Monday, July 21, 2008

Little Miss Lucca

She's been with us for 2 weeks.
She's 3 pounds heavier.
She's got "sit", "down", "up", "come" and "leave it" covered quite well so far.
She's handling home-alone like a big girl (dog).
And she's absolutely our new love...

Lucca and her favorite toy - crinkly butterfly

I'm COMPLETELY smitten. I find myself sneaking into/out of work late and early to spend snippets more time with her each day. I can watch her sleep and am thoroughly entertained. I pick up poop with only a thin plastic bag separating my hand from it. I get up earlier than I've risen for ANYTHING in order to responsibly train my little thing to do her little thing outside. I post picture after picture for friends to see. I always have my camera within reach for videos and stills.

I'm a proud new mom.

To a puppy!!!
She won't fit under the stools/chairs for long!

Perhaps my maternal instinct has always been strong. Perhaps the clock is ticking. Or perhaps - we are just in love with that sweet face and big eyes, and willing to go far out of our way for this soft, cuddly, precious, little animal. Our lives have definitely changed. But I don't think either of us is regretting it.

It doesn't get much cuter than a beautiful child with a beautiful puppy
(Jenne's niece, Alex)

I feel busier than ever before - but in a different way. We're trying to beat the clock to get her fully socialized, bite inhibited and handled by the time her 12 week birthday hits. These are all very important things to address with a young puppy while they are in their most impressionable state - age 8-12 weeks! So we're busy! Introducing her to everyone who asks - including everyone who's asked's various nieces and nephews! Very important for a puppy to be handled by and play with young children since children are so unpredictable. Since I plan/hope to have kids in her lifetime - we have to make sure she's totally comfortable with them right now.

She loves lying underneath things - especially outside on a nice day!

But Lucca is comfortable with EVERYONE. Puppies, dogs, big people, small people... she loves everyone. I think she's going to be a very well adjusted doggie. I think we are going to love her deeply for many years.

She's already gotten a lot bigger - gained 3 pounds in 2 weeks!!

I think I'm gonna rush home now to see her since my work-day has pretty much wound down. :)


  1. Lisa, your baby is so lovely! No wonder you take a lot of pictures of her.

  2. Thank you!! We're so excited about her :)

  3. She and Kohl need to meet. And we need to take pictures of the two of them before she gets any bigger!