Tuesday, July 15, 2008

My meme

I've perhaps requested it in passing to friends but never outright asked on my blog - that people let me know they're reading and enjoying. Not all at once or in a ridiculous over-abundance of comments. But I love occasionally knowing that you are reading and entertained by what I'm writing (or laughing at it, or thinking I'm retarded, or disappointed in how un-cool I have become in my "old age"). But just knowing that I'm writing something folks are reading - for whatever reason - gives me incentive to keep writing. This blogging thing is fun, but only if it seems useful and enjoyable for others.

There's something about that person in red that makes
this a really interesting shot; in fact - my presence sort of ruins it...


I was very flattered to be tagged by Fay over at A Beautiful Mosaic for my very first Meme. I mean heck, I love her blog (and photography) and visit it all the time. So in being tagged for a Meme, I feel in a way that at least this someone must be enjoying my blog! Thanks Fay! And thanks to all of you who do in fact comment - I take it to mean you regularly read as well and it keeps me blogging!

Since I think a handful of you (my "trusty readers") are not big bloggers - allow me to explain. Every now and then different bloggers tag each other and essentially ask for a little information - really in order to get to know the others better. As I would assume most other bloggers do as well, I like to keep a certain level of anonymity. But a meme isn't so much personal info as interesting info.

And here's what I'm being requested to do...

The Meme Rules:
~Link to the person who tagged you
~Post the rules on the blog
~Write six random things about yourself
~Tag six people at the end of your post
~Let each person know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog
~Let the tagger know when your entry is up

Here are the six (6) random things about myself
Un) At the age of 5 I returned home after hearing the "Chariots of Fire" score at my elementary school's walk-a-thon and picked it out on a toy organ we had. My parents immediately thought I was a piano prodigy; purchased a piano and I was in lessons at age 5-and-a-few-days-after-my-school's-walk-a-thon. They made me continue until I left for college and I haven't sat down to a piano since. (Tho yes, I DO appreciate having taken the lessons.)

Deux) Celery is the devil's food. I detest it in every form except cooked down so much that you can no longer taste or recognize it.

Trois) In the last 8 years I have traveled to all the following countries/areas outside the US: Canada, Mexico, Caribbean, Puerto Rico, China, Taiwan, Thailand, South Korea, India, Singapore, Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Czech Republic & Holland. Prior to 8 years ago I had not yet left North America.
My, my, my we were young then
Quatre) The only jobs I held prior to working in large corporations (ergo: high school/college) was nannying and baby-sitting. At the age of 9, I began sitting for my cousins ages 4,3,2 and under 1 (that sounds like some kind of child-labor law violation now, right?) I was known in HS as the "twin nanny" and cared for multiple sets of twins after school. Those years in high school, sitting in affluent neighborhoods, were perhaps collectively the wealthiest time of my life!
Oh yea - my favorite books of the time: returned upon Googling "babysit"

Cinq) I learned to snow ski at age 3 and skied every year until my early-20's yet I still have awful form.
I think Mom made that hat
Six) I took 4 years of French in high school and college.

You now know how much cooler (weirder, boring-er...) I am having just read that. Yes, it's long - that's what you get when you ask me to talk about myself. Just call me Narcissus.

On to my 6 tags - I decided to select fellow May Daring Bakers who joined with me a couple months ago.
Go Class of '05'08!! Please don't feel obligated to do this - it's only for fun!

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  1. So while I knew all of the rest of that stuff, I had no idea about the chariots of fire thing. Who would have thought I would learn something new about you after all these years. Anyway, that first picture of you on the beach totally reminds me of the shot we took of you and... sheesh, who was it... Brady? back in high school on your school field ala Say Anything. I hadn't thought of that in a long time, and it was FUNNY!

  2. 8:45am and I have Chariots of Fire stuck in my head...(not so fun) I also have visions of you, at 5, brow furrowed, racing home to the toy organ, humming the tune so you won't forget it...(much more fun)

  3. Lisa, I understand your feelings. It is good to know what people think about your posts. My very close friends prefer to call me :(

    Thank you for your expressed interest to myself. It does sound like fun but during the summer break with very demanding kid on hand it's hard to find time for anything. I'll try my best though. Thank you again.