Thursday, January 15, 2009

Happy Birthday to TLD

I'd like to state right now to my "beloved blog followers" - there's just no way I'll be able to shout birthday wishes out to each and every one of my friends on my blog. I'd love to think I could coordinate that, but I know I won't be able to. HOWEVER... if I do find the time I will - even if it's a few days late!

Happy 2-day late Birthday to Tracey!

When I called my oldest friend, Tracey to wish her a happy birthday on Tuesday, I asked her what she was doing for dinner that night. She normally would have plans. But she paused and (as if just realizing herself) then said she had no plans. Well that's just ludicrous! I don't care if it's your 16th, 21st, 30th, 47th, 63rd or 85th birthday - you should HAVE dinner plans with someone you love. Realizing I was on my way to the office for a full day of work I knew I was taking on a challenge in making her a "nice" birthday meal. But who am I to take it easy in the kitchen in light of ANYTHING?

Tracey is a pollotarian - primarily a vegetarian but will partake in some chicken or turkey when she's feeling a little crazy. It is EXTREMELY difficult for me to cook for a non-meat eater because... I just cannot even fathom. But at least with a good friend, you learn to know their faves. One of Tracey's faves I knew - was gnocchi. Gnocchi with pesto to be precise. I'd never made either - but it seemed a busy Tuesday afternoon/evening after a full day of work was the time to try!

Pesto is SO easy to make! LOVE my food processor!

I started with this "moist" yellow cake batter. I put "moist" in quotes because it did not bake up moist. At least not a cupcake version with the time cut by 60%. I tried cutting the time even more for the second batch, but still quite dry. Dare I say - I like cake mixes better overall? Can someone point me to a truly moist yellow cake recipe? Anyone?
I had a few extra... none of my other friends complained

In 3 hours I made up the cupcakes, frosting, gnocchi, pesto - in that order oddly enough. I was very happy with the result - as was Tracey! I'm not a gnocchi connoisseur but I tend to think they should be chewier than the ones I made. Perhaps next time I'll knead a bit more flour into them.

It was fun making these - and making that little indentation!

The best part of pesto is how the Parmesan melts
when you toss it with hot pasta/gnocchi!

So Tracey got her nice birthday meal. I got to try making some new goodies. We spent some quality time. And all was good. Happy Birthday Tracey Leeupatree!


  1. Okay, that made me a little misty! Thanks so much for the yummy meal which was made even better since you made it all from scratch and from the heart. :)
    Feel free to experiment with crazy vegetarian meals on me anytime!

    Thanks for going out of your way for me on my birthday. I am very happy that I didn't wind up spending the evening alone. You rock, lady!
    <3 me

  2. Ooh, that pesto gnocchi is a beautiful pesto green... hehe I hope you didn't make the indentations with your teeth. That would be fun, huh?

  3. The gnocchi looks like it was fabulously yummy! And, BTW, how do I subscribe to your blog?