Thursday, January 1, 2009

Old Long Ago

Anyone really know why we sing "Auld Lang Syne" at midnight on New Years Eve? What does it mean? Well it's an old Scottish song and literally means "Old Long Ago". But the idea is basically - the good ole days. It's actually a rather sad song. But perhaps we sing it as a reminder to enjoy today and tomorrow so that we don't pine for better days gone by.

Revoke my Foodie card, but I don't like champagne.
So to ring in the new year, we had homemade eggnog!

I'm perhaps a tad late in my New Years wishes. I spent a rip-roarin' night at home with my parents and puppy last night... making vintage aprons. I can't believe my life has come to this. But with my family having taken care of Lucca for the entire time I was in Africa - I didn't want to leave her with them again; and thus had very little incentive to hit the town for a wild and crazy night.

We make a slightly "leaner" version with milk instead of cream. It's still rich and heavenly!
I'm really not looking forward to Monday. I will have been away from the office for an entire month. That's a first - and boy, do you get used to it!  But in spite of all that - I am happy for the new year. Happy for the promises a new year ahead of me can hold. Happy for the feeling of a fresh start. Happy to have my family, and friends, and puppy.

All it takes is a little shot of rum and you have a party!

To those of you who had a rough 2008 - I wish you a much better 2009. If your 2008 was fantastic - I also wish you a better 2009!! Happy New Year to all of you!! Live your lives so that all days are good ole days.

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