Sunday, July 5, 2009

Cruella de Vil

I recently wrote a cookbook review for the Daring Kitchen. I have to admit that while I wanted to write an honest and accurate review of the book, I'm afraid my review ended up being rather, um... cruel now that I reread it. (In my defense, I was finishing it while on a layover in the Frankfurt airport; equivalent to about 3am my time.) But I simply didn't think it was appropriate for our group. The point of the book was to avoid using the oven or stove, but a group called the Daring Bakers & Cooks would seem to be in direct conflict with that. So it is from this fundamental idea that my "bad" review stems.

I felt awful writing a poor review since I know the author put a lot of love and a lot of heart into her book, but I remained honest...
This was the one "recipe" I made from the cookbook - assembling a sandwich

The sandwich WAS rather delicious - slathered with herbed mayo and apricot jam

As is always the case - there can be different audiences for different movies, shows, programs and books. I just was not the right audience for this one. You can read my review here, on the Daring Kitchen. And thanks be to Ivonne for spending her personal time not only maintaining order on the Daring Kitchen, but running the operations behind these cookbook reviews. I have nothing but fantastical reviews for her and I hope she knows how thankful we Daring Cooks and Bakers are to her (and Lis) for founding this group with which we have OH so very much fun!!

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  1. Hey, even if the recipes from the book didn't turn out that great, YOU made them look gorgeous and mouth watering! I want one of your sammies..badly!!