Monday, July 6, 2009

A year ago tonight...

...we were arriving home after a long drive from Ventura County in Southern California. We'd gotten massages, stayed with some old college friends, went to breakfast, ran through the Ronald Reagan Museum and then stopped by a small house on a big piece of land. We bought some strawberries at the dusty stand set up in front of the home. We also handed over a check to this woman, but the check was a bit larger than what one would expect for a basket of berries. We had actually purchased - a basket of fur. A little 7 pound ball of yellow fur. And she screamed like a banshee as we put her in her traveling crate and started our trip to bring her home. A year ago tonight, we brought little Lucca home.

Look at that BELLY!!!

Can I PLEASE come out of my travel crate?

I really can't believe she was ever this small.

That pudgy little belly just kills me!

We tried to exercise her a little since the drive was so long.
I love hearing her little puppy panting!!

I won't write a long post here but wanted to share a couple pictures and videos from that night that well, ... changed our lives! I know... she's not a human. But she's my baby. And she still makes me smile and squeal at how adorable she is. She's invaluable on a rough day and even so on a good one.

In May, Lucca "graduated" from her Hounds on the Town class. A class
that teaches
good behavior for visiting dog-friendly restaurants and shops.

And after just this 1 year, she is SO well behaved. She's the friendliest little thing: loving on people and kids and other doggies who like to play (and even those who don't). She's mellow and tolerant and gentle. I think we picked a good one folks... I'd highly recommend it!


  1. i wish someone would lament so lovingly about MY belly! ;)

    lucca's only fault is that she loves enthusiastically kissing little ones all over their little faces when they least expect it. not too bad of a "fault" to be so loving of others, huh? =)

  2. awww... You DID pick a good one. But you also did EVERYTHING right, too. You are a dog trainer's dream come true, I'll have you know!
    Bravo, my friend!

    And can I tell you how happy that picture makes me? I love looking like me again. :)