Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Go Fish...

I know, you probably came here looking for my Daring Cooks challenge for July...? I have none for you this month, even though Sketchy had a beautifully planned out challenge for us taken from the Alinea cookbook: Skate with traditional flavor powders. I don't know what's going on but my kitchen hasn't been producing much lately. Actually I take that back - my kitchen has not been producing anything NEW lately. In the last week I've done this twice and this and actually have this in the oven as I type. Do you really want to see them again when you could just visit my first posts?

But folks, I'm feeling a bit unmotivated here. Does anyone else go through The Blog Blahs? You sorta feel like you're doing the same things all the time and it's starting to get all routine? My method, my plating, my writing... it's all boring me. Do you get like this with your own blogs? Am I losing my mind? Is it those summer doldrums? (yes - summer and heat depress me)

Since every time I think of my blog, I feel a bit like I did in that picture there to the right, I'll just fill this post with a bit of exciting news that's happened to my good friends lately. I shot the occasions, so I'll share the goods and end up telling you what I've been up to simultaneously!

A few weeks ago my good friend Jenne (sounds like "Jenny") married Jeff. The two are a perfect match and I couldn't be happier for her, finding a man like Jeff with whom to share her life. The very best part of their wedding? It fell on a 95°+ day (my living hell!) but was held entirely inside an air conditioned events hall (I think Jenne is actually my new best friend, sorry Deb). We were not required to step outside once between 4:30pm and 11pm. It was almost as if I heard angels singing when I stepped into the hall... oh, but back to the wedding.

Remember Alex? ~~ The place was gorgeous ~~ Apple martinis and vodka crans

Jenne threw in some incredibly creative details -- my absolute favorite?... asking guests to hold sparklers as the newly married couple took to the dance floor for the first time. How unbelievable is that? We had a wonderful time and as happy as I am that Jenne and Jeff got married - I'm happier that she finally has some free time back for very important things like BBQs!!
Woohoo MARRIED!!

Next on my "great things that have been happening to my closest friends" list: Angela got engaged!!! Angela and I have been very good friends since college - so that means like $&%^@ years ago! I can't even believe it's been that long... Angela and I have been through a lot together - including weird guys and awkward and bizarre "relationships". I won't go all the way there but suffice to say I am BEYOND THRILLED for her and Geoff and can't wait to see this fabulous wedding I know she'll pull together. (May I secretly hope for destination?...)

To celebrate with Ang I ran home from work last week and slapped together this little red velvet cake (I told you I was re-making stuff I've already blogged!). I loved how small and simple it was and along with a bottle of my favorite sparkling wine (champagne is just too dry pour moi) we had ourselves a FAB girls-celebrating-an-engagement night!

I'm becoming a little bit of a red velvet whore - yes I wrote "whore" on my blog

Last, but not least is the new house one of my closest friends, Ali bought with her husband last week. To top off Ali and Dennis' exciting year is the upcoming appearance of their baby boy in November; but they weren't satisfied with merely growing a human being and had to go buy a beautiful new home. And only 6 miles away from me too!!

To me, this kitchen is HUGE!

No pictures of the growing mommy, but definitely pictures of a kitchen in which I soon hope to teach "how to make the perfect pie crust". Some of you who DO NOT reside in the San Francisco Bay Area might think "that's a big beautiful new kitchen?" but YES IT IS. A kitchen like this could easily be found in a $million(s) home depending on the Bay Area city in which one resides. So to me - this kitchen is HUUUUGE. And I couldn't help but throw in a shot of the soon-to-be baby's room. Already perfect for him! (once they take that pink thing off the wall.)

Who doesn't love wainscoting with a chair rail to polish up a room nursery?

Now my blog friends... I've shared with you some of the things going on around here - perhaps keeping me too busy to cook at home and post to the world. I ask of you a big favor... what would you like to see me post about next? I'd LOVE to hear from you in the comments section. Do you want me to keep doing what I'm doing? Mostly baking goodies and throwing it down on blogger? More travel? More doggie? Less doggie? More crafts? More family? Something totally new? I'll take anything... 'cuz like I said - I'm a bit unmotivated. Help me out! 'Cuz really, I'm doing this all for you to read. You may as well enjoy it!


  1. Lisa!

    I didn't do the DC challenge either. I'm in the middle of moving to a new place, busy at work, etc...Yes, we all go through blogging doldrums... There's nothing wrong with life getting in the way of cooking/blogging. Most of us do far more cooking & creative writing than the average person, so usually a small break is the perfect remedy.

    What a lovely wedding! *Gasp*- that engagement ring! Oh my! That kitchen *jealousy*! I thought my new kitchen was big Hah!

    In regards to your blog, I think you are doing a marvelous job. Your blog is fun, well written and interesting. It has a good combination of different aspects of your life, your photography is BEAUTIFUL and your recipes are delicious. Take a little break if you need to, but keep up the good work!

  2. Congrats on your new changes! We've been shuffling between houses daily and it's awfully tiring as I'm sure you know ;) I'm just trying to keep some kind of a schedule (work, yoga, cooking) but so much has to slide a little bit. Inspiration always comes back though :)

  3. Lisa- I love your blog, but if you need a break, we understand (sniff.) I'm sure you know I love your cooking/baking best but Exploits of Lucca the superdog are always cute.
    I know inspiration will hit again and I will be waiting!

  4. i love what you're doing - i like how i never know what kind of post i'll see when i stop by. i haven't blogged in a few weeks since getting our new puppy - i actually don't miss it that much so that's got me asking the same kind of questions. just do whatever interests you and i'm sure your readers will be interested as well! :)

  5. I love reading whatever you write about, and I am not bored with your stuff at all! I haven't had time to read in a while, but that just means I have lots to catch up on! Maybe just tell yourself that you are not allowed to write for a month, and then see if you're itching to get back to it?

  6. I vote for baking and dogs. Love them both. Love your blog!

  7. I enjoy reading your blog...I am always partial to learning and reading about more asian/chinese dishes (in addition to your baked creations!).

  8. Wow, so much happened in your circle of friends, which I can relate to!

    I haven't been doing my DB challenges since the launch of the new site!!! I'm afraid I'm off the blogroll :,(

  9. who can be bored? i enjoy reading all your posts :)