Sunday, March 23, 2008

A little bit of this and a little bit of that

It may seem like I haven't been knitting at all lately if you go by my entries. But really quite the contrary. The problem is that just about everything I'm knitting right now is a gift for someone who might check my blog! I'll drop a few hints here but probably won't be able to go into any details for another 2-3 months. *sigh*

I've also decided to start in on a summer knit. Something I can get full satisfaction from in that I can complete it and then wear it and not have to wait until the Fall or next Winter. Trying my hand at Coachella in Berroco Suede. So far I'm not very excited about the "yarn". It's nylon and sort of like flat ribbon so if it gets twisted while you're knitting (which it certainly does, and I'm actually not anal enough to untwist it while I knit) then it doesn't lie flat. From reading about Berroco Suede I think it will perhaps fluff up a little if it's washed and dried (?) but I won't know for sure until this is done. I'm also a little worried about about the fit. I should have done a more research before starting this pattern 'cuz everything I read now says it runs really big. I'm making the M and I'm worried that I should be making the S. Not even sure what I'll do if it's enormous when I'm done and the yarn alone cost me $50! Wish me luck!

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