Monday, March 24, 2008

No boyz allowed!

While recovering from wrist surgery in early February I was going absolutely stir-crazy thinking about all the things I wanted to do which I could not. Talk about "hard times" making one appreciate things! I hope I never again take my right hand for granted! I found myself scheduling dinner for my cousins, a Girls Night In party and a trip to Mendocino with Mom for our (sometimes yearly sometimes semi-yearly) Girls Trip. Mendocino is still up-and-coming, but this past weekend was the "Girls Night In" party. I basically decided that my girls and I needed a night to ourselves to eat, talk about boys, eat, watch chick flicks, drink cocktails and eat. I wish more of my invite list could have made it - especially since my list consisted of some girls I've been promising a dinner party to for a while now! But with 8 of us together, we ended up having a mellow, happy, delicious and intimate night of girl-bonding. I don't know why the men in our lives don't understand the need for nights like these. All we heard from our significant others was "what will you do all night?" "is it going to be an all-night pillow fight?" Do they really think we absolutely need them around in order to have a great time? ;)

I should have tried harder to get an entire
group shot - Ali and I are missing from this one.

First things first I tried to think up a theme. The night would turn into a slumber party for 5 of us which meant I'd be serving Easter breakfast - so pastels for sure! And what do girls love but "cute, little things" right? So cute little foods is what I made! I got a little carried away for sure though. I'm not sure what I was thinking when I filled my menu with more than 1 dish per girl! Something in my head went out of control... First I was thinking "heavy on appetizers" but then as my "little things" idea came on - I forgot to scale back my already identified appetizers as I continued to add the little-foods! Well somehow it all worked and was amazingly fun (and cute) and I think everyone loved it!

Favorites from the evening ~
For the Cute Factor: Caprese Tomatoes, Mini Baked Potatoes and Baby Blueberry Muffins with a mini version of my Chocolate Chip Cookies as favors.
For the Taste Factor: Tuna & Avocado salad, Filet Mignon (yes this same one) and Petite Cream Puffs.

Too bad eating little things doesn't result in trimming little waistlines!

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