Saturday, March 8, 2008

Simply the vest!

It's completely done! I finished knitting my first piece of clothing - the vest! I realize it's nothing fancy but I'm still really satisfied that I could [not so much complete the knitting, but] figure out the pattern. That's probably the hardest part of knitting for me - figuring out what the pattern's telling you to do. But I suppose it's not always a disaster if you DO miss something. In fact, I actually decreased the front armholes a little more and started the V a little higher, than either called for in the pattern. But I managed to make it work, and now - no one would know. **Must thank Dad for the engineering genes I have floating through my head and hands.**

Please forgive the particularly silly photos. I finally got someone to take pictures of me (my brother, Mark - on a visit to my parents' place for dinner tonight) and of course that someone is one with whom I probably goof around the most. The funny thing is - upon viewing the pictures they were actually pretty great at showing the details of the vest. You can see the sides - which you couldn't have if I was in "non goof mode" with my arms at my sides.

Now that I’ve worn it and seen these pictures - I think it could stand to be a tad longer. I tend to have a long torso (and short little legs) though, which I should have thought of as I was knitting this sucker. Well, let's see if the more I wear it and stretch it and (essentially) block it after washing it - the more it relaxes.

I'm attempting some new designs in handbags right now. Something I visualized, drew up and am trying out. I'm also tempted to try another sweater. Now that I know I can do it... I want to try something more complicated. Looks like my days of hittin' Michaels for yarn and books are almost over as I find myself investigating patterns and yarn that can only be found at legitimate knitting stores aka. Local Yarn Shop (LYS)s.

*sigh* 5 years ago Saturday nights were spent clubbing in the city. I guarantee tonight I'll be knitting... what happened?!

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  1. LOVE the vest!! it looks really great on you. and your cupcakes... oh man, they are making my mouth water...