Saturday, March 8, 2008

They say what goes around comes around...

...but for the love of God - I hope leg-warmers never come back into style!

So take a look at my next knitting project - the entire outfit on the left... Kidding, of course. But is that not one of the funniest things you've seen lately? I couldn't help myself but take a picture of this unbelievably awesome knit outfit I discovered while flipping through some of my mom's old knitting books. Seriously - that model is ROCKIN' her 'warmers. That's the closest I've seen to "knit pants" ever! I wonder how many ladies-of-the-eighties actually sat down to knit these beauties. WOW.

And just in case anyone wants to hunt these fashion-forward patterns down and get ready for when they cycle back onto the haute-couture runways, here's the cover of the book. Heck, you can message or email me for the patterns and I'll send 'em on over - just cuz I'd love to know and keep in touch with anyone gearing up to essentially make themselves some Fisherman knit pants!
Title: "Great Classics"

clas·sic (klăs'ĭk) adj.
1. Serving as the established model or standard
2. Having lasting significance or worth; enduring.

Yah, I'm gonna say perhaps not so Classic.

1985 was a good year. Women feathered their hair, and wore fanny-packs, and high waisted jeans and...
.... leg-warmers!

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