Saturday, April 26, 2008

Look who stole the show

For me, a perfect Saturday consists of exactly what made up today:
beautiful weather,
good food,
no major responsibilities,
no time constraints
wonderful friends.

I met up with Al, Amy and Alex today. We were able to have lunch in the same spot and with the same people (+ 1), where we celebrated Amy's pregnancy last year. Come to think of it, Alex was there last year. He was just hiding.

We filled up alfresco style, on pizza, veggies, pasta and pureed peas. Three guesses at which one was Alex's. He was fantastically well behaved - and not just through lunch...through strolling, and shopping, and snacking. What lucky parents are Amy and Al. Though, they certainly deserve it.

Another thing I felt they deserved was a box of macarons. You know how sometimes people will write entire books breaking apart some movie or poem and then you wonder if the creator had ever meant for people to spend so much time analyzing it? Thus were Amy and Al sophisticatedly sampling those macarons.
"Cleanse your palate before your next bite, Al!!"
"You really get the flavor near the end."

I just meant for them to be eaten and enjoyed! But if people find pleasure in noting the subtlety of the green tea - then by all means...

The highlight of the day was definitely seeing how big Alex is getting. I hadn't seen him in 4 months - that's half his life!! What a fun little character he's becoming. The sideways glances he was giving us all afternoon were hilarious and so much like both Amy and Al, it just killed me! I guess you can tell who definitely stole the show today. I mean heck, he's even stealing the show here on my blog! This entry was originally named "A perfect Saturday" until I realized where the entry was going.

A few of the best Alex faces of the afternoon

In an attempt to trick his mommy and daddy into bringing him to come visit us more often, I told them to keep their macaron box - and whenever they bring it to my house next, I'll fill it for them. I'll even try out some of their suggested flavors. And I'll take it as a compliment that they kept with Amy's theme of suggesting I put crack in my baking; they helped me come up with a name for my pretend bakery: Lisa's Crackaroons! I can see folks lined up around the corner now.

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