Saturday, April 12, 2008

Some knitting revealed!

Okay - one down! More to go (and for quite a long time out, I must say - we're looking at perhaps summertime here). I'm referring to the knitting that I swear is happening but that I haven't been able to reveal due to the "gift" factor. Meaning, I'm making a bunch of gifts for people! [Including a few choice macarons I packaged up] I was finally able to give this purse to Angela at her birthday dinner tonight!

This is the same purse as the one I showed you in this post. Princess Philo's Cabled Handbag. Truth be told, I had this little bag completed a couple months ago, but procrastinated on the worst part ~ the lining ~ until just the last few days. Oh man doing the lining sucks... Picking out the adorable fabric is the best part. I asked Ang what her favorite colors were and she said pink, green and purple. So when I found this really pretty pink and green Amy Butler fabric (look familiar?) it seemed perfect for Ang's lining! I made a cell phone pocket fashioned after the fabulous ones in both of my Gucci bags, put in a magnetic snap, my "designer" label, stiffened it a little with a with some interfacing, sewed it all together on my machine, and then hand stitched it to the knitted exterior with some invisible thread. WHEW! I was just finishing up this afternoon. Talk about down to the wire! Oh and can't forget the hardest part - pinning the cute brooch on the front. The best part is that she can take that off, swap it out, move it etc. But I love how it dresses the bag up.

I think {hope} she liked it. That's my biggest fear - is that I'll put all this hard work into making a bag for someone and then they don't end up using it much. I think she will though - it's definitely her style. See how cute it looks on her already? Her mom is another great accessory! ;)
Happy Birthday Angela!!

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