Friday, April 4, 2008

Me, Mom, Mendocino

Mom and I started a tradition when I was in college of going away for ~3 days on a "Girls Trip". Usually to a B&B or somewhere very girly. In the past we've done Santa Barbara, Morro Bay, LA, Sonoma, Carmel, Napa... We've worked out the perfect system where Mom pays for room and I pay for board. I'm the foodie in the family so it's perfectly fair. If I want to dine at a Michelin star, then I pay! If I want McDonald's for breakfast then that's also my choice!

This Spring we did Mendocino. Mom's been there with Dad a few times and thought I'd really like it. She was right. It was ADORABLE. Felt like a New England village. And our Bed & Breakfast - Headlands Inn - was fantastic. We slept in the Wilson room the first night and the Switzer room the next two nights.

But first things first - there was wine tasting... To get to Mendocino from 101 you have to take Highway 128 which is about 60 miles connecting 101 to 1. As you drive Hwy 128 you go through a bunch of small country-like towns: Boonville, Philo and Navarro. All of which have fantastic wineries; most of them in Philo. Sharffenberger (of chocolate fame), Roederer (of Cristal champagne fame)... Navarro, Toulouse, Husch... we stopped at all of these!

Sharffenberger, Toulouse and Roederer

Husch and Navarro

Mendocino itself was absolutely adorable. 3-4 hours drive from the Bay Area brings you to this small village of white picket fences, shingled water towers, 100+ year old refurbished homes, bed & breakfasts, coastal views, flowers and friendly people. Mom and I spent a lot of time walking the coast watching for whales (we saw some!), eating lots of delicious food - and breakfasts!, strolling around the village and even lots of time in our room at night reading by the fire. Funny story about the first picture below: I set my timer for 10 seconds and booked it down the deck stairs and across the lawn. I mean I was sprinting. Mom was laughing at me and just as I sat down and tried to smooth myself out for the picture - 10 seconds was up. I set the timer for 20 seconds after that, but this ended up being the best of those pictures!

On the lawn of our B&B; Mom watching the water; picturesque village view from our window

Homemade breakfast at our door every morning; strolling through town; big comfy King bed!

We had such a fantastic time. We walked and walked and walked each day. Mom's pedometer told us about 10 miles in total! Therefore all the great eating we did wasn't too horrendous. The fire in our fireplace was lit every night and we didn't' even notice that we had no TV. (Maybe that's cuz I was on my laptop reviewing my photographs every night).  It was the perfect mini-vacation. And see the picture on the right? Oh yes, we did...

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