Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Spring thoughts on a cool day

It's April. The 22nd to be exact. And while I LOVE fall, winter, cold, rain, snow, sweaters, hot chocolate, down blankies and roaring fires... it seems it should be warmer than 60°, brighter than cloudy, and less violent than blustery, in the middle of a California afternoon. And certainly it has been in the past few weeks - today is just a fluke.

In fact, as I walked into my house the other day I spotted this little guy hiding behind some leaves on my entryway rosebush. The bush itself is covered with buds but he was the first one to peek out!

Another sign that it should be warmer than it is... strawberries. STRAWBERRIES. They're everywhere right now! Markets, blogs, menus... Oh I love strawberries. I love the smell, I love the color, I love the taste. And though it may not be so refined - doesn't peanut butter go well with strawberries? Strawberry preserves to be exact?

Voilà - in continuing with my utter macaron obsession: peanut butter and {strawberry} jelly macarons!!

Ground peanuts in the cookie and a dab of peanut butter in the filling... perfection! Thanks to MyLinh who came up with this flavor idea! It's YUMMERS.

On a completely random side note - my parents are on their way to Paris right now. Dad's first time, Mom's second. "Wanna come?" they asked. Oh why must there be work?! I'm so jealous - especially as the cancer that is French macaron-obsession grows and morphs within me. I sent them with a long list of Ladurée and Pierre Hermé addresses and hours and told them they had to eat as many as they could for me. Maybe if I'm lucky they'll think of me the day before they fly home and buy a box. *fingers crossed* Something to look forward to on my next trip I suppose... Until then, you (and I) can gaze upon a photo au Tour Eiffel I took on a trip in 2005.

Having a few girls over for dinner tonight. Who doesn't love a home cooked meal with friends on a random weekday? There will be soufflés and macarons so I suppose au revoir is in order. :)

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