Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Family, Friends and Flowers

I'm such a busy-body... I've only been "one handed" for 2 full days and am already going crazy! So here I am 1-handed typing since I have to keep my right hand elevated for another few days - plus it's a little stiff anyway. However, I have to say - this surgery recovery isn't SO awful. I've had friends and family come out of the woodwork! And some come bearing gifts and FLOWERS! What a perfect time to be recovering... right when everyone is selling beautiful flowers at every store. The red tulips were an early Valentine's gift! And Deb (who "babysat" me on Tuesday) came bearing the Gerbera daisies. Angela and her roomies, Landra and Lynn came by with a beautiful outdoor entertaining photo book to "inspire" me to get better faster! I've gotten calls and IMs and emails (many of which I don't have the patience to reply to with this ridiculously slow typing...) It's just so nice to be cared about. Even with this really pretty minor surgery. So THANK YOU to everyone who has contacted me!! I'm doing fine... except have maybe managed to come down with some kind of a bug that I previously was worried was side affects from anesthesia or even an infection. But I'm pretty sure it's just a bug since it's still hanging on a couple days later - and my wrist/arm don't show any signs of infection. Also I've had absolutely no pain!! How great is that?!

I'll be in this stupid splint/bandage for another week and a half. It's bulky and stiff but I'm at least managing to keep it clean and dry (thank goodness for plastic bags). I can't even type like I'm pretending to in the picture since I have to keep it elevated. *sigh* Patience...

Happy Valentine's Day to all!

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