Friday, February 1, 2008

Losing my "knitting apparel" virginity

Please re-read the title of my blog. This is my second entry in one day. Yes... I truly must have a lot of time and not enough to do. (hey - it's a super slow Friday at work)

I started knitting my first piece of clothing maybe a couple weeks ago. Having only started back up knitting about 4 months ago (after learning when I was 8) I've been pretty scared to try knitting a sweater. But I've decided it's time. And hey - this isn't a sweater, it's a vest! I found the Leftovers Vest through ravelry (oh how I love ravelry!) Except - forget the stripes. I'm still a beginner! I'm just doing black in Lion-Brand Wool-Ease worsted. Black, as we all know, goes with everything AND it'll show the least errors as I attempt to knit it up.

So far so good after I thoroughly confused myself on the transition between the ribbing and the first increase. Reading patterns has got to be the hardest part of knitting - I swear! It's not much, but here's where I'm at so far... at least it LOOKS like a sweater so I must be doing something right! However I keep stretching the ribbing over my waist and it seems a bit small. Here's to hoping that blocking really can work the miracles I think it can. If not - it's a good thing Deb wears a size 2! She might get a second birthday gift. ;)

The row upon row of stockinette is driving me batty (as I suspected it would) so I took a 5 hour break {twice} and knitted up this cutie, cute, cute Hello Kitty washcloth.
The pattern calls it a dishcloth but like I could scrub fat, oil or meat bits off the bottom of a pot with this sweet little thing!? I think not! So it's a washcloth in my book... I did this one in "cream" color Lily Sugar 'n Cream 100% cotton (it looks a little yellow in my photo) and pounded out another one in purple last night. I actually like the purple more 'cuz it shows the detail better. I just LOVE the name of this yarn: "Sugar 'n Cream".

*sigh* but after this fun break it is back to the vest and the row upon row of boring black stockinette. I can't even take a purl break since I'm knitting in the round!

Ok, ok and at the request of a friend I will put up a picture of what I think is still my favorite little knitting project. The knit cupcake!! This is the one I made for Deb for her birthday (uhm I also threw her a party so it's not like I JUST gave her a cupcake.) I changed the pattern a little so that the top is "poofier" like a real cupcake would be. Then topped it with little bugle beads so that it didn't look quite so.... uhmm.... mammary.

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