Saturday, February 2, 2008

Fattening Cookies = Comfort Food

One of my absolute favorite things to do is "test" recipes. Test is in quotes there because often times it's a recipe I've made before - but there's no reason I can't practice! Especially when it's a cookie recipe! These Cream Wafer Cookies have got the be the most fattening cookie in existence. Tons of butter, a lot of sugar, a little flour, a little cream - and that's IT! Oh but they melt in your mouth (as they should). I remember Mom making these when I was a little girl. There's something about cookies Mom made when we were young to really cement a cookie in the category of Comfort Food. And there's no such thing as low-fat comfort food, right? So it's all good! (..."she rationalizes, as she pops a sweet pat of butter into her mouth.") Boy they're labor intensive though. I had to cut out ~90 of those round wafers you see there, then press sugar onto both sides. Whew! After they baked, I was so tired I just let them wait overnight before making the "creamy filling" this morning. The last time I had the patience for these was coincidentally enough, about exactly a year ago - therefore not too far from Valentine's Day. So it seems I always make the filling pink. Decided to do a second color too: lavender! They have to go straight into the fridge since (as I may have mentioned before) they are almost all butter. It doesn't seem so appropriate but I'll probably take these to a Super Bowl party I'm thinking of stopping at tomorrow. Men watching football will eat little pink cookies....right?

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