Saturday, February 23, 2008

I love rainy weekends!

Look at how beautiful the flowers outside my kitchen window are. They just started blooming in the last few weeks that we've actually had warmish weather - in the 60's. The rain has come again today and is supposed to get pretty wild before the day is through. Made for a great picture I think: brightly blooming flowers contrasting with the gray, rainy day.

But I LOVE this! I sometimes think there is something wrong with me how much I love the rain. People are in disbelief that the first warm/sunny day of Spring makes me (honestly) a little depressed. Maybe it's the UK in my genes? Who knows... I'm weird.

Mom and Dad are here for the day/night again. It cracks me up how they come down here to hang out and relax. But technically I invited them to come - Mom specifically; to help me with some cleaning before I finally get my cast off on Tuesday. Dad had such a relaxing time last week, he decided to tag along. And of course I love having them both! Dad brought his tax prep docs and Mom is (as I type) making lasagna for dinner and baked custard with caramelized sugar sauce for dessert. How nice it is to have someone here doing my dishes and making me a great meal. Mom's of course the best at this since she's the ultimate in bringing comfort.
Yep - that is I! Fresh and new and even still peely. Ha!

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