Sunday, February 10, 2008

Got lemons? Make... pie

It's been a busy weekend getting to all the things I need my right hand for. Oh wait - that's everything... Early tomorrow morning I'm having out-patient surgery on my right wrist and it means I'll be brushing my teeth (and other things) with my left hand for the next few weeks at least! Ack! I won't be able to blog about anything! However, I'll probably be typing 1 word a minute too so maybe it's just as well...

One last baking project and one last knitting project:

Mom and Dad are on their way over tonight to take me to the hospital tomorrow. In the interest of "one last hurrah" I'm making a 5 course Chinese (belated New Years) dinner for them plus (I know, it's not very Chinese-y, but I had lemons!) a lemon meringue pie. Funny enough lemon meringue pie was one of the first things I baked as a kid. Looking back, it seems like it'd be a pretty complicated "learn to bake" choice. But that's where I started! That means I've been making pie crust from quite a young age too. A lot of people are scared to death of pie crust, but I was too young to remember learning - which I suppose is a good thing. Kids aren't scared of anything! My trick is to keep it as wet as possible so that it doesn't crack/break as you try to get it into the plate and fluted. Another interesting tidbit - most people wouldn't realize that it's not lemon juice or even food coloring which makes the lemon part of the pie yellow; it's actually egg yolks!

The knit bangles come together so quickly that I made another a couple nights ago. I decided to try the moss stitch which is 4 rows of repeating the following pattern:

row 1: K1, P1 repeated across an even number of stitches
row 2: knit the knits and purl the purls
row 3: P1, K1 repeated across
row 4: knit the knits and purl the purls

I actually didn't like this one as much but it could be that my yarn was really too thick. The bangle I used was bright aqua so I didn't want to stretch the (worsted) swatch over it too tight or the aqua would show through. So it looks a little bulky... but still cute I think! Unfortunately my [large hand] won't fit through it with the swatch covering it. But I'm sure it'll work for someone! ;)

So goodbye for now! I'm hoping my typing won't be too awfully slow and I'll be able to fill my boring next few days somehow (won't be driving and therefore won't be going to the office). Maybe knitting slowly won't be out of the question? *fingers [on my left hand] crossed*

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  1. My right hand was out of commission for 3 months back in 2001. You learn to get creative. Try driving stick without use of your right hand. Now that's weird.