Thursday, February 28, 2008

One of life's luxuries: both hands!

I realize this is not going to be a very visually appealing entry but I just thought I'd share. I got my cast/bandage off and stitch (yes only 1) out on Tuesday. I was just amazed at how small my right hand looked after being out of commission for just 2 weeks. (note: my right hand is actually on your left.) It's amazing and a bit scary how quickly muscular atrophy happens! I don't know what it's called but check out how much smaller the "thumb muscle" is on my right hand than on my left. Granted my left hand has been working overtime lately too...

Hallelujah that the bandage and splint/cast is off though! It means I can get my hand and arm wet and can finally move my thumb around a bit. Washing one's hair with 2 hands is such a LUXURY! And still no pain which is just excellent! I spent all of the last couple nights knitting!!! And hope to have something to show for it soon. Last night was filled with cleaning the kitchen, taking out garbage and recycling and whipping up a dinner of linguine with clams and white wine with sauteed spinach! It only took me about 1/2 an hour! I LOVE my right hand! :P

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