Thursday, February 28, 2008

"Lucky" Friends with court-side seats!

Hopefully Paul, Vickie, Andrea and Judy don't mind my putting these videos up. Gia recorded these with his camera off his TV last night (Fox Sports Bay Area was airing the game).

While partaking in amazing court-side seats at the Warriors game - Vickie was completely mauled by Mickael Pietrus chasing an errant ball into the crowd! I even saw a replay of this on ESPN's Sports Center! I'll have to find a way to get that off my DVR though...perhaps the same way Gia did: with a camera, a steady hand and a [semi-]quiet room...

Vickie - DUCK!!!

Whew - she's okay!

And pulled the ESPN Sports Center clip off my TV too!

I can't believe I watched my friends on Sports Center last night! And thankfully Vickie's not hurt. That looked BAD! But most importantly - I wonder how Paul feels about his wife being attacked by a multi-millionaire, professional basketball player's.... well.... crotch!?

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